Journal 1: It’s Not a Real Utopia

Plato has a few valid points in his argument however I feel that many ideas would not lead to a perfect utopia. First of all I believe that “the best” of each sex is different in everyone’s eyes. Back in Plato’s time or possibly still in some cultures everyone does know where they stand within very distinct social classes. However, in countries like America there are many variations of social classes in our society. For example, a very wealthy person may consider a semi wealthy person to be middle class and the average person or slightly below to be lower class. However, a semi wealthy person may put themselves up in the high class category and have the average be the middle class and the struggling citizens to be lower class. Many people in America or Europe see themselves as “the best” so in that aspect I’m not sure there really is a best. Also I think for that to happen it would have to involve what the book said, arranged marriages, or at least sometimes. It would also mean that the “inferior” citizens couldn’t start a family or do what they want in life. This takes a lot away from the love and family connection that a utopia should have. It would lead to people not being happy and if people are really unhappy then it is not a perfect utopia.

Another argument about putting “the best with the best” is that different people are the best at everything. Some people are really good at math or science while others are better at history or English. There may be those people who are really smart in every subject but aren’t strong or athletic in any way. There are some people who are extremely musical or artistic. There are some people who maybe are good at multiple things but are extremely selfish and have the personality of a jerk where there could also be the “average” person who turns out to be the most kind, genuine person you will ever meet. There’s the argument of ugly and pretty, short or tall, fat or skinny. And on top of everything, everyone has a different view of what they think perfect is. You can’t have a perfect society with just one kind of person, there are many different people with different talents that a society needs to be perfect. Plato did not account for any differing opinions or all the diversity we now have. Everything he talked about is based on one culture or one type of person.

On the contrary I do believe Plato had one or two good points. His idea of creating a better youth I think was a good idea and will help society if they all have some things in common and are raised in a certain way with more generosity and willingness to help others. This could benefit society in the long run but in the end there’s no way to make sure these kids are “better” other than focusing on how they are raised. I think Plato and others had the right idea of trying to create a utopia but I think with the way society is now and maybe even then, it is not realistic to do by just getting rid of the incompetent and just getting “the best.”